Before we start the process of setting up SMSF, we need to understand what it is?

A Self Managed Superannuation Fund is a superannuation Trust. It gives you the reward at the time when you get retired. There can be maximum 4 members in the SMSF fund. Anyone can become the trustee in that fund.

SMSF is the best fund to choose instead of other type of superannuation fund when you require all the power on your money. But power always comes with risk .You will be the responsible person for your SMSF fund.

The fund will be the best choice for you in case where either you or any financial expert is managing the fund. You should have a sound knowledge for SMSF because that is the saving of your whole life. You should not invest it without any guidance.

The guidance is required for getting Tax concessions, Contribution and makes it easy to administer.

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